The Krzyzewski Defensive Slide Drill

  • Purpose

Players work on proper defensive slide technique.

  • Set Up

Player obtains an inner tube or piece of elastic two to four inches wide and about twenty four inches long. The ends must be tied to form a circle. He then slips the tube around his calves just above the ankles. The tube should be tight enough so that it is stretched fairly tightly when the players feet are twelve inches apart.

  • How It Works

  1. Player stands on the right side of the foul line, and assumes a good defensive stance.
  2. Player step slides, using the stretch of the tube, and moves across the lane until he reaches the left end of the foul line.
  3. Player then returns to the right side of the lane using the step slide technique.
  4. The drill continues for the allotted time.

Players use a tube around their legs to perfect their defensive slides.