• Box Sets Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches give and go, pick and roll and pick and pop skills.

  • Drill Setup

    Players line up on the baseline one on each side of the lane.

  • How It Works

    1. The player on the left has a ball. He rolls it to the opposite elbow and goes and picks it up. He squares to the basket in the triple threat position.
    2. The player in the other line runs along the baseline to where the first player began, does an L cut and goes to the elbow. He gets in position to receive the pass.
    3. Option 1: Give and go. The player with the ball passes to the player on the opposite elbow. The passer then jab steps and cuts to the basket. The player with the ball passes to the cutter for the layup. The passer follows the pass, gets the rebound and the players reset and go again with the play now starting on the opposite side.
    4. Option 2: Pick and roll. Instead of cutting the passer goes across and sets a screen on the foul line for the opposite player. The screener then rolls to the basket.
    5. Option 3: Pick and pop. Instead of rolling to the basket the screener opens up for the jump shot.

Players run the give and go in the lane.

  • Coaching Tips

    On the pick and roll, the screener should reverse pivot off his bottom foot and then cut to the basket.

    On the pick and pop, the screener should reverse pivot off his top foot to receive the pass for the jump shot.