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eBasketballCoach Pro helps you plan your practices, improve your players' skills, and propel your team to greatness

  • Save Time

    Don’t waste hours searching the web for random drills, or “winging it” at practice time. Our drill library is packed with simple, fun and effective drills to skyrocket your team’s skill level

  • Outsmart Your Opponents

    Discover dozens of championship-proven plays and strategies from the country’s most accomplished high school, college and NBA coaches. Including Hubie Brown, Bob Hurley and Tara VanDerveer

  • Win More Games

    Learn the “insider secrets” to becoming a world-class motivator, inspiring your kids to perform their best, and finally realizing your team’s potential

The Drill Library

Time-tested drills for shooting, passing, ballhandling, rebounding and defense. Everything you need to upgrade your team's skills - fast!

  • Quickly find the drills you need by searching for keywords or using filters. It's fun and easy to use!
  • Step by step instructions and diagrams, showing you exactly how to run each drill. No guesswork, no wasted time.
  • Drill variations to increase or decrease difficulty, so you can quickly customize the drill to work at any age or experience level
  • Essential coaching tips and pointers, to help you isolate and correct common mistakes, and help your kids accelerate their results

The PlayBank

Dozens of game-tested plays and tactics for offense, defense, and special situations. Discover the "insider secrets" to better basketball and start dominating your league!

  • Offensive strategies for every coaching philosophy or personnel. So you can find plays that work for YOUR team, score more points, and win more games.
  • Proven plays for man offense, zone offense, motion, flex, pick and roll, post-ups, back door, stagger screens, dribble handoff, need a 3, high-low and more.
  • Inbounds plays for the sideline and baseline, to help you get easy baskets "on command"
  • Easy implementation instructions with detailed diagrams. Showing you every phase of the play, from setup, to execution, to options and variations.

The Video Library

Carefully selected live action videos demonstrating our favorite plays and drills. Complete with detailed instructions and coaching tips from some of the country's best coaches.

Steps for Success

Legendary high school and college coaches share their most treasured tips and strategies to help you become a more effective coach.

  • Motivation: How to keep your players inspired and engaged throughout the entire season
  • Coaching Philosophy: How to approach your season with the right balance of skill development, competition, and fun
  • Offensive Tactics: Simple "rules" for creating more space and higher percentage shots
  • Defensive Tactics: Critical keys to building a rock-solid defense that will shut down any team in your league
  • Leadership: Proven techniques to capture your team's respect and unify them around a common goal

And much more.

Learn From The Best

Discover the best-kept secrets from Hall of Fame coaches, NBA veterans, NCAA Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists.

Hubie Brown

2-Time NBA Coach of the Year (Memphis Grizzlies)

Bob Hurley

28 New Jersey State Championships (St. Anthony's H.S.)

Tara VanDerveer

2-Time NCAA National Champion (Stanford University)

Jerry Petitgoue

29 Wisconsin Conference Championships

Larry Shyatt

2-Time NCAA Champion (University of Florida)

Morgan Wootten

Naismith Scholastic Coach of the Century (Dematha H.S.)

Cleve Wright

NCAA Division II Coach of the Year (Gannon University)

John Kresse

NAIA National Champion (College of Charleston)

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  • Q.What age level is this designed for?

    A.eBasketballCoach Pro is filled with drills, plays and coaching tips for all levels of play. If you’re working with young kids, you can even use our “beginners” filter to isolate the most basic material.

    There’s plenty of material for advanced teams too – from high-level offensive and defensive sets to challenging skill-building drills.

  • Q.Will it work on my phone or tablet?

    A.Yes, eBasketballCoach Pro is mobile friendly and can be used on any smartphone or tablet. You can login to the members area using your device’s web browser from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. And the articles, diagrams, and videos are mobile optimized – so they’re easy to use on a smaller screen.

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